Summer Highs

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Summer Highs

The collaboration between myself and SwiitcherHD is now officially released on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon, etc. Hope you guys enjoy this track, which has been approximately 2 months in the making. Initially Summer Highs started out as a quick recording of me playing the guitar when the sun was blasting through the window.

It was hot, immediately I picked up the guitar and started fiddling about and come up with the main melody. Once I had the melody down I started working on the chord progressions, bass lines and the typical drum patterns fleshing out the general meat of the project, Swiitcher quickly come on board and arranged the track to a proper standard and also helped out with sound selection and automation.

Overall we both feel that Summer Highs is a good track considering it is the first proper Bass FX release.

Check it out on Spotify!